A look at the not-yet-opened Aussie Pinball Museum

Ah museums. Some are boring and dull, some are exciting and fun. Of course that is relative according to your interests, but for me, the museum where you can go and actually interact with displays or do something more than just stare at artifacts behind glass is the kind of museum I would visit. A pinball museum is just that kind of place and some enterprising individuals in the great land of Australia are working on bringing just that kind of place to the Gold Coast. AusPinballMusem_header

JustOneMoreGame has a post featuring the first pictures from the new museum, named the Aussie Pinball Museum which currently does not have a projected opening date as they tackle permits and game restorations. When it is complete however, they are promising to offer around 1500 machines for the public to come in and play, which will make it one of the larger museums for pinball in the world (although I am not sure if it will be the largest or not). In case you are curious to see what they have so far, check it out by clicking on the link below.

[JustOneMoreGame] [Discuss on the Forums]

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2 Comments on “A look at the not-yet-opened Aussie Pinball Museum”

  1. arcadeheroes.com…..I like this blog….I follow you

  2. It would be fantastic if this museum became a reality. It would be nice if it was located in Perth. Vic.

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