Video from Japan Expo 2009


In case you wanted to see a little bit more from the Japan Expo 2009 that took place a short time ago in Paris, France, arcade site Neo Arcadia has posted a couple of videos online of the event. It looks like it was yet another great place for arcade fans to go and play some coin-operated game goodness and quite a few people came out to enjoy it.

[Via Neo-Arcadia] [Discuss on the Forums]

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5 Comments on “Video from Japan Expo 2009”

  1. arcads4ever Says:

    I wish we saw shoot em ups again in the west. I’d love to give death smiles and muchimuchi pork a try and I have a few ideas of my own for shmps that uses ulterliesed control sceems I’ve come up with. my day will come when I finished uni in two years.

    • Shaggy Says:

      Hear, hear! I miss shmups although I personally admit that I am not a huge fan of bullet hell shmups. Now I now that those are popular with the core fans but honestly I think that it’s those kind of shooters that alienate the mainstream players and have led to the decline of the game in the West. Just my humble opinion of course. I’ll still give a bullet hell game a try (I bought Mars Matrix for my arcade after all) but if we want to see a return of shmups I think we’ll need something a little less crazy and difficult.

      • arcads4ever Says:

        well I’ll admit it might sound a bit crazy my idea but its just an idea I’ve jotted down on paper and when I come to actually designing my ideas properly after my 2 years at uni I’ll be fine tuning it more so it will have greater apearl. the controller I’ve come up with is very unique but I can’t go into detail just yet I’m affraid. you’ll see shaggy.

  2. Nomax Says:

    -> arcads4ever: Wow! Do you plan to put it in an arcade cabinet?

    • arcads4ever Says:

      yeah normax of course I do. its one shmp that cannot be played properly at home (although it could be played at home maybe) but the controller I’ve come up with is very unique and original. I’d love to tell you about my idea but I need to keep it under wraps until I leave uni in 2 years. don’t worry I won’t forget about it as I’ve jotted it all down and I’ve been coming up with ideas for arcade games since 1998 at schoool and have come up with thousands of ideas and still do to this day.

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