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Sony begins to use arcade-like payment system for arcade-style games on PSN in Japan

July 16, 2009



The headline sort of says it all here – Sony has begun experimenting with a new way to pay and play for certain downloadable games, first with a title in Japan called Trash Panic (or 100 yen Gomibako). Users can download the title for 100 yen and then they get three plays out of it before you need to pay another 100 yen – much like an arcade title. The idea is supposed to be used for arcade style games and time will tell if users care for it or not but it is interesting to see how arcade gaming can still influence what console makers do.

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Video from Japan Expo 2009

July 16, 2009


In case you wanted to see a little bit more from the Japan Expo 2009 that took place a short time ago in Paris, France, arcade site Neo Arcadia has posted a couple of videos online of the event. It looks like it was yet another great place for arcade fans to go and play some coin-operated game goodness and quite a few people came out to enjoy it.

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The Guitar Hero arcade CA Extreme 2009 Championship

July 16, 2009

California Extreme has come and gone once again but with it are some lucky players who participated in some of the competitions that were held at the big event. One of those tournaments was a Guitar Hero Arcade competition, sponsored by Raw Thrills and Betson Enterprises. Over 50 players competed against each other with the top 16 walking away with a prize of some sort, the grand prize being a Ultimate Guitar Hero Prize Package which included a Wii console complete with a full band kit and what the press release calls “5 Guitar Hero Arcade titles” although I assume that means console games and not full GH arcade machines. Here is a video that showcases a few parts of the competition and the press release can be found after the break.