Arcade Heroes Week-in-review Podcast Episode 5

This week on our podcast, Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report joins me again as we discuss not just the news of the week but some other aspects of the arcade industry as well, including a retrospective of the once great arcade company Midway. We also cover a little bit of news that wasn’t on the site this past week but is relevant to what we do.¬† This is the longest episode yet with a little over an hour of content so we hope you enjoy it!

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3 Comments on “Arcade Heroes Week-in-review Podcast Episode 5”

  1. Molloy Says:

    Great work. Listened to the entire thing. Enjoying Kevin Williams insights as always.

    Should tone down the “the arcades are NOT dead” moaning slightly however. It’s getting just as repetitive as the consumer media saying it is dead.

  2. Scotty Says:

    You need to sound more natural, you can tell that you are trying to hard to sound like some news reporter or something. Good info and all but I can only listen to half before I close it down. Its kinda annoying. Just act more natural.

    • Shaggy Says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I am not trying to sound like a news reporter at all but admittedly I need to improve on this since I am not used to it yet.

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