Arcade Heroes Week-in-review podcast #4

Another week another podcast, I did this one solo and in addition to discussing the news we saw this week on AH, I also discuss the Midway purchase by Warner and the release of Demon Bride. There’s more than that of course so click on the link below to download it.

Volume issues should be solved this time, but please let me know in case you hear any issues. I wasn’t at the arcade this time, I was visiting my parents and did it on my brother’s PC so no ambient arcade noise this time around, but I’ll be there for the next one.

Click here to download the podcast

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3 Comments on “Arcade Heroes Week-in-review podcast #4”

  1. editor Says:

    Great work as always – can we work on that volume please.

    • Shaggy Says:

      Hmm, when I played it back the volume was fine but I did not listen to it after converting it to MP3. I will look at it some more, perhaps I need to add a dB boost.

  2. igo Says:

    It sounded good to me.

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