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Parents file lawsuit over a Turret Tower at a Gameworks in Miami

June 27, 2009

If you have kids then one of those things you will worry about as a parent is them getting hurt. If you are a business owner and in particular an arcade operator, then you have to worry about kids getting hurt when perusing a game on the premises as you can be held liable in the event that something goes wrong. Such is the case with a Gameworks in Mttoweriami, where four different kids have somehow injured themselves on the machine in the past three years and now some parents are suing after a child’s leg was broken.

According to the article describing the injury of one particular child, somehow the leg of the child was caught between the chair and the card-swiper and it broke the child’s leg. I have seen a Turret Tower before but I have never played one and I do not know for sure how it is setup for taking credits and whether or not this particular Turret Tower is modified from the norm. It just seems slightly strange that there would be anything inside to allow for catching limbs while the game spins around. It obviously makes sense to have the mechanism for inserting coins or credits inside of the machine because stopping to get outside of the cabinet to continue can be troublesome (although the article goes as far as to say that it’s done to sucker kids into dumping all their cash into the game solely due to it’s position. Obviously they have never played TT as it’s not THAT great of a game) but what I would like to know is how common are injuries in Turret Tower machines and how many of those are due to a design flaw (either by the game or by modifications) and how many are due to user error. I’m not meaning to downplay the child’s injury at all, that obviously is bad but this game has been around for five years now and these games are tested beforehand to ensure that things like this don’t happen.

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E-Spot Gaming Xtreme to bring licensed PC titles into coin-op arena

June 27, 2009



At this past ASI in March, I finally got to take a look at the Game Gate VU, a coin-operated kiosk that would allow operators to place an Xbox 360 or a PS3 on location and they could legally place certain games in said kiosks. I do not believe that it is available yet but it already has some competition coming along, promising to do virtually the same thing but with a different platform – the PC.

Called the “eSpot Gaming Extreme”, this is a coin-operated cabinet that will allow people to surf the internet and play several licensed PC games from companies like Valve, Ubisoft and more. Initially they plan on having 27 titles available, including Left 4 Dead, Far Cry 2, Hawx, CounterStrike, and others. They have an agreement to include most EA titles on the platform, minus titles like Need For Speed and PGA Golf which are licensed for coin-op amusement with GlobalVR. Right now they are promising to distribute the game in Europe, Russia and the Middle East with the possibility of a release in North/Central/South America and Asia later on.

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