Fascinating interview with Rusty Dawes, ex-Atari Games employee



If you are like me and you enjoy delving into stories of what creating arcade games is like, then this interview is for you. Coinopspace has posted a raw transcript of an interview they did with ex-Atari employee, Russel ‘Rusty’ Dawes. Rusty worked on a slew of Atari arcade titles over his ten year stay with the company, including titles like I, Robot, Cloak & Dagger, Paperboy, Rampart and more. He discusses those games as well as some that never made it to the light of day, easter eggs that can be found in a few games and more. It’s fairly long but full of fascinating information that is worth reading. Hit the link below for the full thing.

[Rusty Dawes Transcript @ Rotheblog] [Coinopspace] [Discuss on the Forums]

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One Comment on “Fascinating interview with Rusty Dawes, ex-Atari Games employee”

  1. arcads4ever Says:

    sounds like my sort of thing since I’d like to design arcade games and present them to companies. I’ll deffinatly give this a read.

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