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Galloping Ghost relaunches site, adds more pics of Dark Presence; also launches Support Your Local Arcades effort

June 25, 2009


In March of 2008, we found out about a new arcade fighter called Dark Presence that was in development by an indie dev studio known as Galloping Ghost. We have followed the progress of this game since then and it’s been a little while since there was anything new to report until today where the developer re-launched their website and has provided more screenshots of this game, which is quite different from other fighters out there today since they have taken painstaking efforts to digitize actors into the game, much like what we saw back in the 90’s but with 1000’s of more frames and in high definition (some extra details on what this game has can be found here). We’re still waiting to see how this game looks in motion as well as how it plays but GG is promising some in-game footage soon and when the game is about ready to go they will go on a tour around the US, showcasing the game at different arcades so people can get a hand on it before release.

[New Galloping Ghost website]

In addition to the new site, Galloping Ghost is launching an effort called “Support Your Local Arcades”, where the goal is to do their part to help revitalize the industry. They actuallygalloping_ghost_supports arcades have worked hard to list all the arcades in their area onto (one of the sites you can use to find an arcade near you) and the staff at GG have gone out of their way to help their local arcades where possible, which is pretty cool of them to do in my view. They actually plan on expanding this idea into something larger that more people can become involved with, so we will let you know when that happens.

[Support Your Local Arcades]

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Fascinating interview with Rusty Dawes, ex-Atari Games employee

June 25, 2009



If you are like me and you enjoy delving into stories of what creating arcade games is like, then this interview is for you. Coinopspace has posted a raw transcript of an interview they did with ex-Atari employee, Russel ‘Rusty’ Dawes. Rusty worked on a slew of Atari arcade titles over his ten year stay with the company, including titles like I, Robot, Cloak & Dagger, Paperboy, Rampart and more. He discusses those games as well as some that never made it to the light of day, easter eggs that can be found in a few games and more. It’s fairly long but full of fascinating information that is worth reading. Hit the link below for the full thing.

[Rusty Dawes Transcript @ Rotheblog] [Coinopspace] [Discuss on the Forums]

Sega and IGS working together to build arcade hardware for the Chinese market

June 25, 2009



The makers of coin-op games like Oriental Legend 2, Pirate Revenge, Speed Driver 2 and Battle Stations is teaming up with Sega to develop arcade machiens specifically for the Chinese market. All of those aforementioned titles were made primairly for that particular market, with a few of their games making it to other territories with English translations (as is the case with Speed Driver 2 and Battle Stations), but this is an interesting development as Sega gets a foot into the Chinese market and IGS gets to use better hardware than what they typically use. According to the announcement, IGS will “design a Chinese-language Sega machine with localized features”. Shipments begin in the 3rd quarter of this year, so we’ll keep our eyes open for more developments on this front.

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