Screens from Taito’s online racer Top Speed look snazzy


Taito has published some screenshots from their upcoming online coin-op racing title Top Speed and overall I’d have to say that so far they look pretty good, and it will be even better if the game runs at a solid 60 fps. Between the nice graphics and the online features Top Speed is shaping up to be a solid contender in the crowded racer arena but it still remains to be seen how the game plays.  As you might recall, Top Speed allows for players to race against others over the internet who are playing the game in other arcades and it even includes a built-in chat feature. Click on the thumbs below for a better view.

ts_ss_01 ts_ss_02 ts_ss_04 ts_ss_05 ts_ss_06 ts_ss_07 ts_ss_08 ts_ss_09 ts_ss_10

[Top Speed website] [Discuss on the Forums]

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8 Comments on “Screens from Taito’s online racer Top Speed look snazzy”

  1. ECM Says:

    This is nice and all, but what I’d really like is some sort of follow up to Sega’s classic Hot Rod. (yeah, I know, dream world, et.)

  2. This is looking pretty… well pretty! Like you said Shaggy, lets hope the frame rate is good. Because without that, in my opinion, graphics don’t matter.

  3. arcads4ever Says:

    sounds good yet it just seems too much of the same thing really. don’t get me wrong but I would like to see some games coming out that actually offer something fresh and new for a change. but still I’ve not played this game so I can’t really say.

    • ECM Says:

      That would be why I’d like to see something along the lines of Hot Rod and not the umpteenth iteration of a ‘realistic’ driving/racing game–don’t we have enough of these on consoles?!

      • arcads4ever Says:

        racers are better off in the arcade apart from some e.g. GTA series and mario kart( but mario kart is good for both arcade and home anyway). I really want a daytona 3 to come out soon and a new hang on.

  4. Molloy Says:

    At least it’s nice and bright and arcadey looking. Taito arcade games in recent years were quite ugly and dated looking even when they were brand new.

    Something like Hot Rod would be a nice change alright. Having 4 players facing each other was a nice social experience.

    • arcads4ever Says:

      yeah they were but they seemed to have catched up with the big boys namco and sega (konami doesn’t count apart from interfaces and controllers) but something like hopping road I would love to give it a try and I hope it get a wide release. reminds me of playing namco’s final furlong horse game for the first time when thinking about taito’s hopping road

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