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MoCap Sports makes another public appearance with more features

June 22, 2009



Konami’s return to the motion capture arena is back in Japanese arcades again, testing out the concept to see how players take to it in a post-Wii Sports world. Last time we saw Mocap Sports it only featured a baseball game but this time they have added boxing and tennis to what it can do and they have also removed a net that was in place last time. This still looks like a good mood to me – while Konami had tried mocap games a few years before the Wii came along, the Wii showed that with a game like Wii Sports people will soak that up like a sponge. We’ll have to see how the experience Konami offers compares to Nintendo’s fare but it’s not like they have to try very hard to do that as long as they can get people to play.

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Street Fighter IV Sequel?

June 22, 2009



According to a Capcom Japanese Q & A Blog, some hints were dropped that could mean theres a sequel on the cards to the popular arcade and console beat-em up.

Check out the translation of the Q&A over at Shoryuken Forums

When you think about it, it’s hardly surprising. Street Fight IV Turbo? Super Street Fighter IV? or Street Fighter IV Championship Edition if the translation proves correct. What ever it’s name might be, my main question is; will we see an arcade version of this, possibly as a kit? Lets hope so.

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SEGA and Namco sign up to EAG Expo

June 22, 2009

eag sega namco2

This story took me by surprise, although when I look back to this post about the re-shuffling of ATEI 2010, it makes sense.

By the looks of it, there could be a complete switch to the ExCel based show by most of the major companies. With Sega and Namco on board, it makes it pretty hard to ignore this new show in my opinio. Also with the likes of Crown Direct, Electrocoin, Harry Levy and MDM signed up it begs the question of what will be left of ATEI?

Hopefully the organisers BACTA aren’t going get strict on who can attend the show. Head over to Inter Gaming Online to hear what some of the newly signed up companies have to say about this new and exciting show!

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Do you like to Big Buck Party?

June 22, 2009


This ticks all the boxes for me. Beer, pretty ladies, prizes and Big Buck Hunt. If it ticks all your boxes too, then why not try and get down to one of these Big Buck parties that are taking place in across America.

Big Buck Party Schedule:

Thursday, June 18th at Delta House in Omaha, NE
Friday, June 19th at Jack’s Bar and Grill in Lincoln, NE
Saturday, June 20th at Side Pockets in Omaha, NE

Thursday, July 9th at Grand Avenue Ale House in Bellingham, WA
Friday, July 10th at O’Malley’s in Tacoma, WA
Saturday, July 11th at Bleacher’s in Seatlle, WA

Thursday, July 23rd at Coach’s in Houston, TX
Friday, July 24th at Mulligan’s in San Antonio, TX
Saturday, July 25th at Lavaca St. Bar in Austin, TX

More dates to be announced soon.

For more info visit or

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The Sega Honeymoon

June 22, 2009


My good lady ain’t in to the games. I’ve tried to convert over the years, but she won’t have it. But there are some men out there in the world who’s other halfs are thier gaming buddies too. Well UK:R reader Radguy is one of those lucky men, not only does his with like games, they went on a Sega arcade tour whilst honeymooning in Japan. Lucky sod!

Head over to UK: Resistance to see more excellent pictures

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Arcade Heroes Week-in-Review Podcast Ep. 2 – Terminator Salvation, console ports, new Sega hardware rumor, Robo-Basho loc test and more

June 22, 2009

Another week has passed and here is another podcast reviewing what went on throughout the week but discussing the topics in more detail where possible. On top of several topics which you have arleady read about, from to Terminator Salvation on location test, I also discuss a new rumor regarding the next piece of arcade hardware after Ringedge that I have heard about and I also detail the current location test of a robotic coin-op game that we have discussed before known as Robo-Basho.

Click here to download the podcast!

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