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A challenge towards the George Castanza Frogger high score happening now

June 20, 2009

If you have ever watched the sitcom Seinfield, chances are good if you are an arcade fan that you have seen the episode where George Castanza comes across an old Frogger arcade machine at an old pizzeria that he went to as a teenager. It’s a pretty funny episode and one thing that has stood out from it is George’s high score on the game – 860,630 points. The reason it stands out is because in the real world, the world record high score for the game according to Twin Galaxies for many years was a bit lower than that, although a few players have made some strides towards the Castanza score.

Right now, Donald Hayes is trying to beat that score on a real Frogger machine. He has actually accomplished the feat in MAME and currently there is a live video on Twin Galaxies of the attempt that you can see by going here.  A press release detailing the event which is happening at the Challenge Arcade in Pennslyvania can also be read by clicking on the link below.



Insert Coin Expo 2009 already shaping up to be a big hit in Europe

June 20, 2009



Another arcade show is fast approaching, this one is taking place next month on July 18th-19th in Northampton, UK. Already the event has sold over 7,000 tickets and will cater to every aspect of the arcade industry from the players on up. Several tournaments are slated to take place (including competitions on SFIV and Tekken 6) over the two day event and on top of that players will be able to pick from over 250 games to play and they can even purchase parts and see some of the latest coin-op offerings. It is shaping up to be a major show and will even be covered by some television and radio sources so we can add this yet again to the arcades are not dead argument we’re constantly pushing forward. 😉

For more details, check out the press release after the break


Terminator: Salvation Arcade seen on location test

June 20, 2009


[Thanks to Malovane for sending us these shots]

As arcade location tests are rarely announced in the US, at times savvy gamers who frequent game websites visit their local arcade and just so happen to come across these secret location tests. One player has done this and has come across the Terminator: Salvation arcade game, which is being done by Play Mechanix (who has done both Aliens: Extermination and Big Buck Hunter/Safari) and Raw Thrills. You might recall that we posted about this rumor a little while ago and while we didn’t have many details on it at the time, with this revelation we learn quite a bit about the upcoming title. As you can see, the cabinet is just like the deluxe cabinet for Big Buck Safari, which a large LCD screen. Of course the cabinet could change by the time they release it but I imagine that it would be easier to use these modified cabinets. It is interesting to see how they made a “Sneak Preview” version of the game for the location test, I have not heard of using this technique before but it certainly is a good idea. The artwork on this cab is pretty good although at the moment you can’t really tell how it performs graphically. More information will probably be forthcoming so stay tuned. Click on the thumbnails below for the full view

termsalvarc2 termsalvarc6 termsalvarc8 termsalvarc10 termsalvarc11 termsalvarc12

UPDATE: For a more recent look at this cabinet(with video), go here and here.

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