Check out anti-cheating techniques for coin mechs



Back at the height of the “Golden Age of Gaming”, clever players found ways to cheat the arcade system – to the anger of arcade operators. Come to think of it, methods used could have been considered a very early form of piracy since players were getting games for free but that didn’t last terribly long as manufacturers were quick to resolve the problem by making the coin mechs more complicated. They had to come up with a number of fixes, including the prevention of pennies or nickels giving a credit, a quarter on a string, slam sensors and more. Those anti-cheating methods were documents and one website has posted a number of these documents up for viewing. While I have some experience with coin mechs themselves, I never looked much into how they can prevent cheating.

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One Comment on “Check out anti-cheating techniques for coin mechs”

  1. arcads4ever Says:

    LOL makes me think of top cat intro where he gives a tip to bell hop and yanks the coin out of his hand on a piece of string

    there was actually a cartoon years ago on cartoon network called “whatever happened to robot jones” and people who like arcade games will probably take interest in this series as its set in the early 80’s and there are many arcade references and there are mentions of arcade games alot in this series. I remember where one kid (cuby) had a quarter attatched to a piece of string and put it in the coin slot and pulled it back out on the string and seeing this artical made me think of that episode

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