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One place arcades are also still popular: beach towns

June 18, 2009


I found an interesting little article today that we can add to the batch of evidence we like to point to that arcades are not dead and in many places they even thrive. One of those places, beach towns. A particular article that can be found on takes a positive look at arcades found in such towns and it discusses how even classic games are managing to hold their appeal in the modern era of gaming. Even with redemption in the mix, one owner is quoted as saying:

“There’s definitely still an interest in arcade video games, although it’s changed a little bit from when I was younger…There just doesn’t seem to be much interest in games like pinball these days, but we do still provide things like that.”

As a side note, which could be anecdotal but important nonetheless, I also have noticed an uptick in e-mails from people asking about starting their own arcade biz and the term has been popping up more lately in the what people are searching for info we get. I guess if you live in a beach town then this could be one good path to take and the more arcades across the country, the better for the industry as a whole.

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