Explore the TOMB by 5W!TS in Boston


If you are in or near the Boston, MA area and you’re looking for something a little different when it comes to the TOMBout-of-home experience, then a company called 5W!TS is offering just that in the form of a complete interactive adventure called TOMB. In TOMB groups of players enter inside with a guide and once there they have to solve puzzles together using their “mind and body to solve physical and mental challenges” where you unwrap the mystery of the Pharoh’s Tomb. One interesting aspect of this is that the group can lose where they “die” (not literally of course – that would be shut down in a jiffy!) and get a different ending than if they ‘live’ to the end. The expeditions take about 45 minutes are are suitable for most ages.

It’s not hard to endorse out-of-home entertainment experiences like these, from the sounds of this they provide a “mixed reality” environment where special effects blend in seamlessly with the game. Have any of you been to this already and if so, how would you rate the experience?

[5W!TS TOMB website] [Discuss on the Forums]

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6 Comments on “Explore the TOMB by 5W!TS in Boston”

  1. bacon Says:

    ..this looks really fun ;o

    reminds me of legends of the hidden temple lol

  2. arcads4ever Says:

    its certainly a good idea, if theres one thing that the home canot admit is wide open space.

    they could do a virtual reality helmet and use a big black room and your armed with a gun and you have to hunt around the room and shoot stuff like dinosaurs in different locations of the room. very much like sega’s primeval hunt game series.

    or there could be an interactive room where the walls are all touch screens and e.g. you have a broom where you have to hit mice running all over the walls, floor and ceilling of the room LOL like a cross between namco’s Golly ghost and an episode of tom and jerry.

    those ideas are just the tip of the icebergh and arcade companies are only limited to what they can come up with and knowing what the player wants while keeping in a budget that most arcade operators can afford. let me know what you think guys lol

  3. editor Says:

    I agree with you, there are a number of very low profile Next-Gen amusement concepts in development. My favorite is this one:


    The argument we run at KWP / Stinger Report is the development of out-of-home interactive entertainment that offers unachievable@home experiences.

    I think this opportunity is compelling much more than offering the latest version of ‘Virtua Fighter XXI’ or a new ‘Daytona USA 4’!!

  4. editor Says:

    Just think of a possible future for public-space gaming – you walk into a venue, book time in a pod and play amongst other players across the globe in a immersive and highly physical expereince – a pod using 3D, immersive gesture recognition and new olfactory technology.

    • arcads4ever Says:

      yeah just like playing a game for 4 years inside a pod like in that episode of red dwarf lol when the crew all wake up realising it was just a game.

  5. editor Says:

    Funny that episode was based on the ‘Virtuality CD’ arcade pods and I also worked with the guys who developed the VWE pods in 1996 – how little things change!

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