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Steve Ranck discusses more H2Overdrive and dispels console release rumors

June 17, 2009

Here’s a little bit more H2Overdrive info to whet your appetite, this is the last part of the interview series that Noe V. did with the Specular Interactive team and in this part he finishes discussing the game with Steve Ranck, CEO of the company. Instead of posting this to his 1up blog, Noe V. has provided us with the video link first, to which we thank him! They talk a little bit about track and game design, delve further into the hardware running the game and then comes the question about a home release. I have seen rumors in different spots that a console version is in the works but as it turns out, this is not the case. See the video for the response and the reason why.

Personal thoughts on H2Overdrive being an arcade exclusive: As an operator this pleases me tremendously. As unprofessional as this sounds, nothing sucks more than to buy a big expensive game that has a console release come along and undermine sales a short time later. We can always debate the real effects of home ports but either way I look at it like this (as both an operator and a player): consoles get their exclusives that never come out on anything else and so I do not see why arcades cannot share the same idea. Granted home releases are a little different due to accessibility, but a great arcade game generally will see awesome sales that can lead to the game showing up all over the place.

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Tank! Tank! Tank! on location test

June 17, 2009



Here is a quickie – Namco’s latest offering, Tank! Tank! Tank! is on location test in Japan at the moment and as proof, see the supplied picture above. According to the test report at Kobayan, the cabinet has two foot pedals, one for forward motion and the other for reverse; as we saw in a previous video both the steering wheel and the seat have force feedback and the cabinet has a camera to take a picture of your face for use as an in-game avatar.

There are three modes available to play in test version – the aptly named “Everybody in a huge fight with the enemy” which was seen in the aforementioned video where players work together to attack gigantic enemies for 120-180 sec.; the “fight with all enemies” mode (I assume this is plain deathmatch) and then team deathmatch. No word on if there will be extra modes by the time this is ready for the streets but so far it’s shaping up to be an interesting game.

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Explore the TOMB by 5W!TS in Boston

June 17, 2009


If you are in or near the Boston, MA area and you’re looking for something a little different when it comes to the TOMBout-of-home experience, then a company called 5W!TS is offering just that in the form of a complete interactive adventure called TOMB. In TOMB groups of players enter inside with a guide and once there they have to solve puzzles together using their “mind and body to solve physical and mental challenges” where you unwrap the mystery of the Pharoh’s Tomb. One interesting aspect of this is that the group can lose where they “die” (not literally of course – that would be shut down in a jiffy!) and get a different ending than if they ‘live’ to the end. The expeditions take about 45 minutes are are suitable for most ages.

It’s not hard to endorse out-of-home entertainment experiences like these, from the sounds of this they provide a “mixed reality” environment where special effects blend in seamlessly with the game. Have any of you been to this already and if so, how would you rate the experience?

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