New site to help you with repairs:


When you own an arcade game, one of the things you will inevitably have to do it fix it. Sometimes games have minor problems that are quite easy to fix and sometimes they present you with a real head scratcher. In either case, you need to know what to do and while there are plenty of professionals out there who fix games as part of their living, if you don’t have that knowledge yet but want to get there, then a new website that is all about arcade repairs might be just for you. It is still fairly new site so it doesn’t have a ton of info on it just yet but it looks like they are adding more regularly.  Once the site is filled, it will be an excellent resource for those of us who are still working on becoming techs.

The site is being run by Varcade Entertainment, thanks to Jonathan Leung for sending us this info.

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One Comment on “New site to help you with repairs:”

  1. insane Says:

    Just what I needed for my dying arcade.

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