Take a stroll through the virtual Pac-Man museum



Not many video games have enough material created around them to garner the attention needed for a museum type display but Pac Man certainly has and that has led to the creation of an online Pac-Man museum. The site is not endorsed by Namco but if anyone would ever put an actual Pac-Man exhibit to go to, the person who runs this site would be the one to talk to about it. They look at the many Pac-Man collectibles that you can find out there, cover the game’s history and provide a great source for buying everything Pac-Man related. check it out at the link below.

[Pac-Man Museum] [Discuss on the Forums]

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4 Comments on “Take a stroll through the virtual Pac-Man museum”

  1. arcads4ever Says:

    I have some pac man toys that are imported from japan that I won with the tickets I won on the redemption games at namco wonder park and namco station arcades. wonder if there rare?

  2. le Singe Says:

    you like pac man and othe acade games you need to check what this swiss artist is doing. http://monkeybusiness1.wordpress.com/2010/07/15/and-who-do-you-think-they-give-me-the-dalai-lama-himself-twelfth-son-of-the-lama-the-flowing-robes-the-grace-bald-striking/ it is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a minute

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