Check out the BestSim Racing simulator GAMEFRAME



There are many ways to make a racing simulator and that is perhaps the reason why we see so many variations on the idea. This one by BestSim is certainly interesting in that it doesn’t have a lot of bars that get in the way, making for a simulator that takes up little space compared to other sims. It essentially provides a sleek and stylish frame for the seat, controls and monitor(s) to sit on, along with extras like bodyshakers to provide the kind of racing experience you expect to find in an out-of-home entertainment environment. Check it out via the link below.

[GAMEFRAME at BestSim] [Discuss on the Forums]

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2 Comments on “Check out the BestSim Racing simulator GAMEFRAME”

  1. Geo Says:

    check this one out, this is what i call a simulator:

  2. arcads4ever Says:

    the problem with these sorts of games is having the space to put them in. there great is they’re big arcades but not for little ones. gaelco’s smashing drive arcade game was good because you got force feed back on the seat you sat on and it was nice and compact that could go into any location like a pubor small venue. I’m surprised japanese arcade companies like sega and namco don’t use this in their driving games. sega has it on sega rally 3 deluxe but not on the standard model and I think this should be the way foward in driving and other types of game especially as it can’t be immatated at home still.

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