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A long detailed look at H2Overdrive on

June 13, 2009

One of the new shots from H2Overdrive via Noe's blog

While it has not been released yet (although I believe that it will be in the next week or so), H2Overdrive is already creating fans and one of them had the lucky chance to visit Specular Interactive’s studios in Southern California where he got a chance to see the latest version of the game and sit down with the staff for some interviews. The game has changed considerably since it was seen at ASI, which was discussed at in my recent interview with Steve Ranck of Specular but here you can really see in great detail how the game differs. They have even changed some of the things on the cabinet, including the addition of an LED speedometer. This game is going to be quite deep and also to dispel some rumors, this is NOT currently being ported over to Xbox Live. For the time being (especially for us operators) this is arcade exclusive.

The site is at and while the user, Noe. V. is not a staffer at 1up but he is responsible for uploading the many clips of H2Overdrive that you can find there including the latest trailer that we discussed a few days ago. With this in-depth interview, two video interviews and new screenshots, this should certainly be enough to hold you over until the game starts landing in arcades in the next week or two.

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Check out the BestSim Racing simulator GAMEFRAME

June 13, 2009



There are many ways to make a racing simulator and that is perhaps the reason why we see so many variations on the idea. This one by BestSim is certainly interesting in that it doesn’t have a lot of bars that get in the way, making for a simulator that takes up little space compared to other sims. It essentially provides a sleek and stylish frame for the seat, controls and monitor(s) to sit on, along with extras like bodyshakers to provide the kind of racing experience you expect to find in an out-of-home entertainment environment. Check it out via the link below.

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Take a stroll through the virtual Pac-Man museum

June 13, 2009



Not many video games have enough material created around them to garner the attention needed for a museum type display but Pac Man certainly has and that has led to the creation of an online Pac-Man museum. The site is not endorsed by Namco but if anyone would ever put an actual Pac-Man exhibit to go to, the person who runs this site would be the one to talk to about it. They look at the many Pac-Man collectibles that you can find out there, cover the game’s history and provide a great source for buying everything Pac-Man related. check it out at the link below.

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Pics from the UK Park Avenue Open Day event

June 13, 2009



Kevin Williams at the Stiger Report has sent us some pics he took from the UK Park Avenue Open Day distributor event and with it we get to take a look at a couple new games coming to Europe. First off and most surprising is Taito’s Hopping Road, a quirky game controlled with a pogo stick that had been seen previously in Japan. Other titles seen at the show include Taito’s D1GP racer, Raw Thrills/Konami’s Guitar Hero and Konami’s DDRX, Sega’s Pigs Might Fly, GlobalVR’s Blazing Angels and Need For Speed Carbon, Namco’s Nirin, the Game Gate VU and more. Click on the thumbnails below to see these games in more detail.

banfs d1gp ddrx electrocoin gha hroad1 hroad2 hroad3 hroad4 marathonrunner nirin pigandgg starball starball2

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Metal Gear Arcade with an official site and trailer

June 13, 2009


As further proof to the world wide release of Konami’s upcoming Metal Gear Arcade game, they have a website setup for the game which includes more screenshots, info and even a trailer of the game in action. I find it irritating once again to see coverage of this in the blogosphere not only does not mention the world wide release but some are even downplaying the game saying it can’t be better than the PS3 version despite the fact they they have not played it. I’m not surprised by this naturally as I discussed this yesterday but at the very least this seems to be be getting more attention than even Guitar Hero Arcade did and that will translate into more attention for arcades overall.

From the trailer we can see that the game is going to be quite different from what we normally see in arcades, although there have been a couple of games in the past that are first or third action like this. With the online features it should stand out further from the rest of the crowd and of course it also has great graphics enhanced by the 3D goggles and 5.1 surround sound. You can see the trailer by going to the official site below.

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