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The Barbie Doll Foosball table

June 11, 2009



We haven’t seen anything really new in foosball for a while but out of everything I have seen this one foosball table to make heads turn. Called Barbie Foot and designed by Chloe Ruchon in France, this is a neat idea that AFAIK has not been done before. The use of Barbie dolls in place of the standard wooden foosball people most certainly gives this a different personality than most foosball tables and if it were to be placed in an arcade environment it likely would attract people of both sexes despite it’s more feminine theme. It’s unlikely to see it anywhere though since it was done for a design festival in Berlin and is not necessarily intended for mass production.

More photos can been seen of the table here.

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Step over motion controls: Play pinball with your mind!

June 11, 2009


While the gaming world has begun to become swept up in the euphoria of motion controlled video games, one team of researchers in Germany have been hard at work on a new type of control interface that allows a person to play a game with their mind. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the concept of using a player’s mind to control gameplay (see Atari’s never-released Mindlink controller) but in this case, this new interface allows you to play a pinball machine!

It’s still a long time before you can expect to see these sort of devices popping up on actual pinball machines or any other video game for that matter but it’s an interesting step in such a direction. According to the article it takes roughly ten to thirty minutes of dry runs before the player can get it to work – they have to wear a not-so-fashionable cap with electrodes in it and think about moving their arms. But once the player gets the hang of it, they can play a game of Addams Family pinball using only their mind. For a look at this gadget, click here for a video.

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A quick word about Metal Gear Arcade and a message to some in the gamers blogosphere

June 11, 2009

We all know about Metal Gear Arcade, which was announced at E3 last week and several sites have suddenly picked up the news again with a Famitsu article describing the game in little detail, giving us similar details that I already posted about days ago. But as I have read through some the different blogs or news sites, one thing again is clear, that a lot of these writers just don’t do their research on arcade titles and they have all overlooked something quite important about MGA which they are posting about. One thing they are all missing is that Metal Gear Arcade will be released world-wide (which also means the US, where a lot of these sites are based), which they seem to latch onto with console releases but in the case of this arcade title, it seems that too many cannot simply believe that there are still thousands of locations out there where you can find arcade games. As yet another reminder, here are two sites you can use to find an arcade location near you. Arcade Finder and Arcade Fly

Now not every game blog is at fault here as many of them have noticed that we have had several games come along lately, with some coverage in the past year on Guitar Hero Arcade, Rambo, Sega Rally 3, H2Overdrive and Justice League. But there are many more games coming to arcades than that, which we are happy to cover when we get information on them. But yet the idiotic myth that “arcades are dead” continues to prevail across many sites – which is nothing new as we have covered it before but I would love to see it end as it is a lie and sites who constantly spread this falsehood need to realize that such writing hurts all facets of the existing arcade businesses, big and small who are out there every day trying to  make a living and those are not just located in Japan. I own an arcade and thousands of people who read this blog own or work for an arcade business, a route, FEC, distribution company, software/hardware maker and we are not dead. We are not going away. We provide a facet of entertainment where video games were born and there is still plenty of value to be had in locations across various countries in the world. So if you regularly read a game blog and they make a post that derides arcades due to their own laziness or bias, spread the word, don’t back down and let’s make sure that the message is loud and clear – arcades are alive and we are only going to get better.

So help us out instead of trying to tear us down! Support your local arcades!

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