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H2Overdrive gets a full trailer (UPDATED)

June 10, 2009


H2Overdrive is soon going to be available – my local distributor says that they should be in shortly and I am trying to find out the exact date we can start expecting to see the game hit the streets. In anticipation of the release, Raw Thrills has released a new trailer to showcase some of the games features, although it does not mention some of the cool features that are in the game that we found out about from that interview I did with Steve Ranck a short time ago, like achievements and ranks. Unfortunately due to the limitations of embedding here on WordPress I am unable to attach the trailer to this post, but you can find it at Gamevideos by clicking here. I noticed that several mainstream gaming blogs have picked up on this trailer so it’s definetly attracting a bit of attention from gamers.


As I expected would happen quickly, the trailer is now up on youtube

[Specular Interactive] [Discuss on the Forums]


Incredible Technologies: Thousands of players competing this summer for $10,000 in Bowlapalooza

June 10, 2009


Incredible Technologies has announced the beginning of their Bowlapalooza summer tournament on Silver Strike Bowling 2009 and if one thing is certain, it’s that there are plenty of people out there who will compete for cash and if they know about arcade games that do it, they will play. And play they did, IT has a total of 4,482 players who have qualified for the competition which runs throughout the summer and culminates in an “Encore” showdown in August and each month qualified players can win cash. The May opener has come and gone with one player, Ron Hammersley pocketing $1000. More details on the tournament can be found in the press release after the jump.


Free webinar tomorrow to offer tips on building a profitable gameroom, redemption center

June 10, 2009


RePlay Magazine (yes that is a very old cover but it’s in our image archives) is partnering up with prize supplier Redemption Plus to provide a free webinar that happens tomorrow called “How to Build a Profitable Game Room”. The webinar is set to last for an hour and will include expert advice for anyone interested, whether they are ” a veteran gameroom guru, fine-tuning a redemption program or breaking into the business.”

The webinar starts tomorrow at noon CDT (central standard time) and can be accessed by clicking on this link.

Betson: 2000 Guitar Hero units have been sold in three months

June 10, 2009


We don’t often get sales numbers for arcade titles but Betson has sent me a press release where they are highlighting the success of one of Raw Thrills’ most recent games, Guitar Hero. With 2000 units sold in three months, it’s nothing to shirk at in the arcade sector – 10,000 units (in total sales over the lifespan of the product)  is generally the magic number in arcade sales and it looks like GH is well on it’s way to reaching that. The release highlights that the game has been a success at Coinstar units in Wal-Mart stores across the country and that many operators have also begun to capitalize on the contests that can be done with the game.  Hit the post break for the release