DJ Max Technika now shipping in the US


One new addition to the realm of arcade manufacturers would be Pentavision and their first release to the US is here with DJ Max Technika. We had heard that it was supposed to come out earlier but it appears that they held it back until now, fine tuning the game a little more to fit their desires. I did get a chance to play this at ASI and it is a fun game with an excellent cabinet, plentiful online features and some great songs, but we will have to see how many will be able to pick the game up with it’s around $11k price tag. Either way I hope that we get to see more from Pentavision in the future as the more companies around making different and interesting games, the merrier.

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3 Comments on “DJ Max Technika now shipping in the US”

  1. arcads4ever Says:

    I hope I get the chance to play this game this year. does anyone know if ubeat is getting released worldwide like this game because I reckon it would be great competition for both games and konami might miss out on an opportunaty if there releasing dj max and its been a while since atei that I’ve heard anything about releasing ubeat in the western market. both games are true arcade goodness that can’t be played at home even on a ds as its too small and behind in hardware technology. me must play these games 😀

  2. nestlekwik Says:

    I heard through the grapevine that Konami deemed the UBeat location test as unsuccessful. I don’t know what they consider a success, as they trashed the results of the Chicago location tests of IIDX 14 GOLD and the V4 series when easily just as many people played it as DDR SuperNOVA 2.

    • arcads4ever Says:

      well they should test it at a holiday resort like skegness or blackpool. so they would rather release something thats dai ja vu than release something original. somethimes its good to take a risk with something like that. did they test out thisa game in other parts of the UK like the north. they should have a play test at hollywood bowl venues around then UK just to make sure its a no go.
      I just have to try this game out at least once 😦

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