Woman leaves child in car to play unspecified arcade games, gets arrested

Gamespy reports that the AP reports on a case where a babysitter left a one year old in the car to play video games at a gas station recently. Gamespy says it was an arcade game although the AP report doesn’t mention that but I don’t know what else she would play there and what game it so happened to be that enthralled the 56-year old woman to leave the child in the car. I guess I am a little surprised since it’s been ages since I saw an arcade game at a local gas station – I remember a 7-11 always having two in the corner for years and years but one day I went in there and they had an ATM machine instead. Where this news story is coming out of Georgia, I do wonder if they have gambling games in gas stations or not. Either way, as much as I love arcade gaming, if you are responsible for watching a child, take care of that first and then play – it is possible to do both without being negligent.

Speaking of which I have seen something like that happen at my arcade before although it was on the LAN we have there when we had a couple of WOW players who would bring their kids in and then zone out completely and left us to watch them. That didn’t last very long though as I let them have a piece of my mind about it but sadly I imagine from what they told me they acted virtually the same whether they were home or elsewhere if WoW was in front of them. Anyways, here’s the link to the story below.

[Gamespy: Woman Abandons child in car to play Arcade game]

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