Elevator Action Death Parade gets an official site

Taito’s new update of one of their classic properties, Elevator Action: Death Parade isn’t due to hit Japanese arcades until November of this year but they now have a website set up for the game that will certainly be a place for occasional bits of info to come along on the light-gun rendition of this classic. We still have no idea if Taito will release this game in other markets – they previously have released games like Chase HQ2 through different channels in the US and Europe but beyond that we don’t see many Taito games made for markets outside of Japan these days. I imagine that EADP would work out pretty well in the US/European market assuming that people leave the elevator doors in front of the screen alone (which is one of the more interesting features that this game has). In case you have missed out on EADP, here’s a video of the game in action from AOU2009:

[Elevator Action Death Parade Official Site]

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One Comment on “Elevator Action Death Parade gets an official site”

  1. arcads4ever Says:

    I’d like to play this game and I don’t see why it can’t come out to the US or europe. as for taito games not coming out to the west there was taitos battle gear car series that has proved quite popular. but I really think they should bring hopping road over to the west and redesigning it to westernise it more for the western market.

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