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Videos from GTI Expo 2009

May 14, 2009

Another arcade trade show has come and gone and with it there are plenty of videos to give us a glimpse of what happened. Quite a few interesting games were at the show, some we have seen before and some we have not. Check out the videos below for more

1st: Some DDR-like rhythm game where you use your hands; Battle Stations/Ocean Force; DJ Max Technika, Aquarace, Razing Storm, Speed Driver 2 and more.

2nd: I’m not sure what this is but eat your heart out Rock Band

3rd: Speed Rider. This looks like a cross between Super Bikes and Nirin and it even has a nitro button.

4th: Some card game reminiscent of Sanguozhi War

AM-NET blog also has some pictures from the event if you are curious to see more, including KOF2002UM and another touch screen rhythm game called Touch Mania.

BTW- I still do have a few more videos that need to be uploaded from ASI09, they were taken on a different camera that is not mine and the computer they were transferred to was fried a short time ago although that was just the motherboard so the HDD should be OK. I really apologize to everyone for taking so long on the last few vids but I do promise that as long as the HDD they were on was not lost, I will get them posted.

Finally, a better look at Battle Stations

May 14, 2009


Way back during IAAPA last year, one surprise we got was that Smart Industries had picked up a submarine combat game from an Asian developer that they called Battle Stations. from the reports we got at the show, it sounded like those who played the game walked away impressed but unfortunately we did not see much else about the game after that – there were a couple of cabinet pictures and no videos. For a time, Smart put the game up on their website, only to remove it not long after that. It wasn’t at ASI and I asked them about it and they told me that we would hear more “in a few weeks”. It’s been much longer than that with no word from Smart and I have e-mailed a couple of people there about it and have never got a response about what they are doing with the game. As such, I do not know if Smart is still going to bring the game to light in the US but if they aren’t willing to then I hope that someone else does as I have finally found some more information on it and it looks pretty neat.

As it turns out, the game was created by IGS, who has created a number of arcade games that include games like Oriental Legend 2, which I have at my arcade. In Asia the game has a different name however, which is why I overlooked it until now when I found some time to do some digging. The game is called Ocean Force there and fortunately they have a small website dedicated to the game where we get a look at how the game plays and on top of that, I have discovered a video of the game in action on Youtube that I will be posting in a few minutes that has to do with another arcade event, stay tuned!

[Ocean Force/Battle Stations IGS site]

New arcade museum exhibit to open on May 30th in New York (updated)

May 14, 2009


(thanks to Susan Trien for the corrections)

While the idea of a museum exhibit dedicated to arcade history isn’t exactly new, it’s always cool to see one setup. On May 30th, a new exhibit dedicated to arcade history will openvideotopia up at the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York called Videotopia, and it will be open until November 1st this year. The exhibit is an international traveling show from The Electronics Conservancy. It will function a lot like a standard arcade – you can purchase tokens for 25¢ to be able to play the games, of which they will have 100+ to choose from. On top of that the museum will have kiosks and interactive displays to teach visitors about the history of video games. To get in there is the admission fee for the museum and they will sell Gamers Admission Passes that will allow for unlimited admission to the exhibit through it’s duration.

One interesting feature they will have is that people can win tokens by answering game history trivia questions at “Power Up” stations located throughout the complex. The exhibit will feature more than just classic games (which arcade museums generally tend to focus on) as it will have games all the way up to modern times. They also separate games by manufacturer, year made and hardware used. They naturally have Computer Space and Pong and they even have some rarities such as Sega’s Time Traveler (which you can see in the lower right area of the picture above).

[Via Gamasutra] [Strong National Museum of Play] [Discuss on the Forums]

Deathsmiles 2 and a slightly different way of revenue sharing in Japan

May 14, 2009



I have lost track of the times I have brought up costs in the arcade sector since it is an on-going issue. Since I joined Arcade Heroes, some manufacturers have certainly improved in bringing the price down to levels that are more reasonable for smaller operators so that we can own the games ourselves. Of course one option that any operator can look at is revenue sharing on a game that is put on location by a distributor and then ypu split the profits from there. There also is financing options that can be made available, assuming you have good credit and a good track record of earnings.Everyone has to decide on what options will work out for the best in their situation but in Japan, Cave, the developers of many bullet hell shmups including the recently released Deathsmiles II are offering something that is sort of new – they will place a machine on location for free and then the revenue is split between them and the operator from there. This actually has been practiced off and on in Japan before although the free cab is a departure from what we have seen before.

The one question to ask now is if this is successful would we ever see a similar model used in the US? I would see some resistance from it as it would cut out distributors completely although that debate is not new.

[Via via Versus City] [Discuss on the Forums]