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Upcoming equipment spotlight shows by Betson

May 8, 2009


Betson Enterprises has sent us a couple of press releases detailing a couple of upcoming spotlight events for operators, the first two events will take place back-to-back in Oklahoma on May 12th and the 13th and then next month on June 3rd, they will hold another spotlight show in New Jersey. The shows will spotlight many new products that operators can look forward to buying and it also will feature several seminars that focus on generating more revenue through various methods. According to the lists I don’t see any new arcade titles on there that we haven’t heard about previously although you never know if they will slip a surprise in there or not. Stern’s new NBA pinball will be there along with a lot of redemption product so if you are in the area it’s worth dropping in and checking it out. More details can be found in the press releases after the break.


The home-made Dreamcast Arcade machine

May 8, 2009



Of consoles in recent memory, the Sega Dreamcast perhaps has the most arcade-to-console ports of any console in the past decade. In part this comes from the fact that Sega used Dreamcast based hardware for many arcade games released towards the end of the 90’s and the beginning of this decade (known as the NAOMI) and so it was pretty easy for any company to modify the game code for the arcade version of a game to run on the DC. IIRC, Sega also released an arcade stick for the DC at one point but there is no better way to milk the arcade experience out of a Dreamcast than to build an arcade cabinet for it (or get a NAOMI cabinet, but that might be cheating). Someone named Tjerk Otten did just that and you can check out the photos of his homemade cabinet by clicking on the link below. I find it to be a pretty sleek design, all I would add personally is some artwork to the cabinet but it still is a cool piece of work.

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City eases path for an amusement park to come to North Myrtle Beach, SC

May 8, 2009


While I never have been anywhere close to Myrtle Beach, this small bit of news discussing how the city council there has eased up on zoning rules so that an amusement park can go into the downtown area there to help revitalize their downtown district. It will probably still be a while before construction begins on the park but if you live in the area it gives you something to look forward to. From a business perspective it also is good to hear stories about cities making it easier for amusement parks or arcades to set up shop in the area as opposed to doing everything in their power to prevent such facilities from even existing.

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