Move over Wii Sports – here comes Mocap Sports



While it might  seem that Konami is a little late to the motion controller party, you also might recall that Konami pioneered the motion controller prior to the release of the Nintendo Wii (which has since taken credit for pioneering motion sensing in the minds of many people, which of course is false anyways in part due to both Konami’s Mocap games and a joystick Microsoft did called the Sidewinder). Those motion controlled arcade games were dubbed “MoCap” by Konami and several Mocap games were released in the earlier part of this decade with some games gaining a fan following (such as with Mocap Boxing). Konami has decided to bring it’s Mocap line back, probably due to the popularity of the Wii and their first game to do this actually makes a reference to Nintendo’s  mega-popular pack-in game Wii Sports with the title of this arcade being “Mocap Sports”. At the moment the game is being tested with only one game, baseball and it is a two player game. The controllers have a button and an analog stick on them to enhance the possiblities of what can be done but it looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to see what that is. I can imagine that this could be quite popular if it has more than baseball on it, in part due to the fact that it will have better graphics than what the Wii can do, real online support and hopefully more games.

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