Terminator Salvation pinball to compliment TS Arcade?

In the very latest Stinger Report e-newsletter (which came to my e-mail after I had finished posting yesterday), we terminator-salvation-20093have word that Stern will create a pinball based upon Terminator Salvation later this year. As you might recall, we have reported on a rumor that an arcade company is working on a light-gun title based upon the same movie which is also slated to come along later in the year and I can pass along an assurance that the two games are not the same thing. I am curious as to why the games are coming months from now instead of later this month when the movie launches – perhaps to coincide with the DVD release but Terminator itself has a short legacy in pinball, first with the groundbreaking Terminator 2 pin and later with Terminator 3.

At the very least, a later release on TS pinball should mean that they have no excuse to get some real footage and lines taken from the movie as opposed to using stock trailer footage.

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One Comment on “Terminator Salvation pinball to compliment TS Arcade?”

  1. Paul Says:


    Let’s see the gun game! This is one license that lends itself well to arcade shooters. T2 was the shit when it came out.

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