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One place getting rid of an arcade machine does not mean that all games are seeing hard times

May 1, 2009


When it comes to the economy, you can’t base the performance of one game to demonstrate how it must be for all arcade games. Especially if said game is two years old and has a better earning sequel out there. But that is essentially what is done in the article that I will link to below. The writer saw some guys pulling a Big Buck Hunter Pro out of some establishment in New York City so he proceeded to check out what was going on. Apparently the machine wasn’t doing very well so the owner was getting rid of it but considering that the machine was not an online bbhleaveversion of BBH and it wasn’t a Safari, one can understand why it isn’t pulling in $300 a week anymore. For the writer of this article to headline his piece with “The Hard Economics of Arcade Games” shows that he really didn’t look into the subject properly however. It is obvious that the writer is not an avid game fan but it doesn’t take a lot of effort to look up information related to this subject, in particular with games like Guitar Hero Arcade which is earning gobs of money everywhere right now. As a local example, I know of at least one arcade down the street from where I am where they have already paid their GHA machine off, even in this down economy. All you need is the right location and the right games and suddenly the economics of arcades are quite easy to get a handle on.

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Terminator Salvation pinball to compliment TS Arcade?

May 1, 2009

In the very latest Stinger Report e-newsletter (which came to my e-mail after I had finished posting yesterday), we terminator-salvation-20093have word that Stern will create a pinball based upon Terminator Salvation later this year. As you might recall, we have reported on a rumor that an arcade company is working on a light-gun title based upon the same movie which is also slated to come along later in the year and I can pass along an assurance that the two games are not the same thing. I am curious as to why the games are coming months from now instead of later this month when the movie launches – perhaps to coincide with the DVD release but Terminator itself has a short legacy in pinball, first with the groundbreaking Terminator 2 pin and later with Terminator 3.

At the very least, a later release on TS pinball should mean that they have no excuse to get some real footage and lines taken from the movie as opposed to using stock trailer footage.

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A tribute to vectors – Vectormania!

May 1, 2009

Ever since I discovered vector games I have been a bit of a vector-junkie. I have an Asteroids Deluxe  and would love to own more vectors but it seems that I never have the available funds when I come across a game I want. Many people these days have never seen a vector in person and personally I do not care for emulation since you need a vector monitor for that same effect. As a tribute to vector games, Jupiter 2 Arcade made a video showing off a bunch of these awesome games running on the real stuff instead of the emulator. Check it out

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