Stinger News: Game Game VU to soon come in a driver edition



We have discussed the Game Gate VU before, a coin-op kiosk that allows operators to put an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 on location to take advantage of the library that is offered by those game consoles in an arcade environment. I saw the Game Gate VU as ASI09 and it was an interesting concept to see and according to the latest issue of the e-zine The Stinger Report, they discuss a new version of the Game Gate that will focus on driving games. This creates a problem however with EA games, in particular racing games released by GlobalVR that are based upon EA franchises such as Need For Speed. As such, those particular games which have been released by GVR would be illegal to use on the Game Gate while it appears that others would be available.

I wonder now with this coming along if we will see anymore console-to-arcade ports of racing games, I could see how this development would be potentially depressing for such efforts although that also depends on how well the GGVU sells.

Stay tuned for more information as it comes along.

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One Comment on “Stinger News: Game Game VU to soon come in a driver edition”

  1. theman Says:

    The “GameGate VU” will be supported next by the “GameGate CT” (Counter Top) – the “GameGate SD” (Sit Down) wont hit till 2010.

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