Another visit to FunSpot by someone else



One day I swear that I will visit FunSpot in New Hampshire. One day. But that is not today – today we have a story from someone else taking a tour of the place, in this case the guys from the gaming blog Joystiq. When it comes to new arcades they don’t seem to give them any props (usually by towing the “Arcades are dead” line) but with this they appear to be pretty excited. Click on the link below to check out their adventure at FunSpot.

[Joystiq visits: FunSpot & The American Classic Arcade Museum] [Discuss on the Forums]

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One Comment on “Another visit to FunSpot by someone else”

  1. ECM Says:

    Heh, this isn’t too far from where I live.

    It truly is a thing of beauty BUT they aren’t exactly known for getting newer games in anything less than a glacial pace which puts me off from visiting more often.

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