Sega reveals Shining Force Cross with lots of slashing and bashing goodness

I don’t know what it is lately but there really hasn’t been a lot of arcade news going on. Of course I haven’t had a lot of time lately to sit down and scour the internet for new stuff but still, it just seems like things are really slow right now. But it is not completely dead as far as news goes as we see with this latest game revelation from Sega Japan. I admit that I do not know a ton about this game series other than that one of the titles was the favorite game of my friend for his Sega Genesis, which was Shining Force II.  And as far as I know, this series has never been in arcades as it was typically a turn-based RPG but now it is coming to arcades at least in Japan and so far, it looks really cool.

One thing I notice about the game from the video is that it’s certainly not a turn-based RPG. To me, it looks like Gauntlet Legends with a JRPG/anime twist to it and I’m certainly not complaining about that. When Gauntlet Legends came out it was my favorite game for a quite a while as it wasn’t just Gauntlet, it was also a cool RPG and you just never really saw that often in arcades. You still never see it in arcades, and personally I’m dying for anything that’s a bit different than what we normally see. So count me excited about the annoucement of Shining Force Cross for arcades, it goes on test in Japan in two weeks. Now we have no idea if Sega would be bold enough to release this in other markets such as Europe or the US but I am really hopefull that they do. If the game didn’t exactly work for those markets as it is, fine tune (or Gauntlet-Legends-ify it more) it so that it could come to other markets I say. What do you think, would you enjoy playing this, at least from the looks of the debut trailer?

[Shining Force Cross Website] [Discuss on the Forums]

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9 Comments on “Sega reveals Shining Force Cross with lots of slashing and bashing goodness”

  1. ECM Says:

    Actually, the “Shining” series of games spans several different types of RPG: SRPG, dungeon crawl, ARPG, etc. and now it looks like this is a sort of riff on PSO as much as anything else (which, don’t get me wrong, isn’t a bad thing) but c’mon, Sega, can we get a *proper* sequel to Shining Force 3 sometime this decade (you’re running out of time!)

  2. marcus Says:

    Sega already had for Chihiro the very popular (in Japan) Quest of D, by Am2. If any it was similar to PSO but using touchscreens and collectable cards. I thinktThis game, is based on what sega learned in arcades with Quest of D.

    Sega probably decided using a domestic license because of SquareEnix also doing the same with their RPG on arcade thanks to Taito infraestructure they own.

  3. Shaggy Says:

    Thanks for the extra info ECM. Unfortunately I never have played anything from the Shining series so I don’t know much about it.

    I do remember seeing Quest of D and I thought that was a cool concept, it’s just too bad that it couldn’t work outside of Japan. Hopefully, this game will.

  4. arcads4ever Says:

    makes me think of taito’s dungeun magic released back in 1993. arcade companies should release more multiplayer arcade fighters in 3D such as what they did with konami’s the simpsons and TMNT, they should do a family guy arcade game, that would certainly bring in lots of player as well as the fans of the show, freakin sweet LOL.

  5. arcads4ever Says:

    justice league I think doen’t count since I heard its not good

  6. Shaggy Says:

    Of course Justice League counts, whether it’s good or not. After all I have played of it, it seems average, there are a few things I hope that they fix/change with an update however, such as faster moving heroes (they seem to move way to slow even though they are running), more variety in the environment where you actually go (obstacles or destructible objects, etc.) and a greater variety of enemies. As it is I would still pick it up for my arcade and play through it. I want to find a couple of secrets GVR hinted about.

    Still, I really like this genre and I would love to see more, especially those that add an RPG edge to it.

  7. arcads4ever Says:

    well it is a multiplayer brawler so yeah you’re right whether its bad or not (heard it was bad) arcade companies should release more multiplayer brawlers like they used to. what I find fun is when someone joins in and gives you a hand when too many enemies appear. would love a naruto, family guy, ameracan dad or another simpsons/tmnt to mark 20 years of multiplayer fighters but done in 3D

  8. Shaggy Says:

    Heck if they did them properly in 2D I’d be happy. If anything a game like Castle Crashers demonstrates that you can still pull off an excellent brawler in HD with 2D graphics. If anything, I hope that Justice League gets some developers to start giving the genre another try and Sega could certainly do well if they bring Shining Force Cross to places other than Japan.

  9. […] course there is still the possibility that sometime, this lifetime, SEGA will port Shining Force Cross to PS360 (or, gasp!, Wii) but it’s been out for quite a while and there hasn’t been so […]

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