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We don’t focus a lot of attention on redemption here at AH but we do understand that it is an important (and redemp_gcextremely profitable) part of the industry. As part of an effort to help drum up attention for redemption product, The Stinger Report will launch a new e-newsletter service starting in May called The Redemption Report or TRR. TRR will follow the same format and circulation as The Stinger Report newsletter service does but it will feature a new Senior Editor to overlook it’s overall content – Frank “The Crank” Seninsky, a man who has 40+ years of experience in the industry. For more details, check out the press release after the break.

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Redemption Industry Gets Reported!
The first Redemption, Novelty and Prize amusement news service launched

April 3, 2009 – East Brunswick, NJ, USA – The novelty, mechanical and skill game industry, along with those businesses directly involved, finally receive focused media recognition with the launch of The Redemption Report (TRR). Starting circulation in May, TRR will be the first dedicated news and view service for a vibrant and successful part of the international amusement and Public-Space entertainment scene.

The launch of the ‘Redemption Report’ (TRR) this May, marks a major development in the circulation of reporting to a hungry operator, manufacturer and supplier base for those in the ‘ticket and prize redemption’, ‘token machines’, ‘mechanical games’, ‘novelty games’, ‘merchandiser prizes’, ‘skill based games’, ‘electronic Point-of-Sale’ (ePoS), ‘electronic payment’, ‘suppliers and manufacturers’, ‘industry issues’, ‘association issues’, and all subjects and issues pertaining to these products and their Global impact. Also including coverage of international legislation and new technology applications, game upgrade and programming tips, and innovative marketing concepts, for this expanding area of the family entertainment business.

The ‘Redemption Report’ (TRR) will follow the same successful model of The Stinger Report – but without the ‘Sting’ – circulated as a e-Newsletter to an influential subscriber list, estimated on the day of launch as being over 20,000 – constantly growing as word spreads of the new service. The Stinger Report founders KWP Limited, responsible for the structure and circulation of the new service.

In embracing the Social Network style of a circulated e-Newsletter, TRR will have a brand new Senior Editor to oversee the gathered information from respected sources throughout the industry, to be compiled at the start in a monthly report. A well known member of the industry, as well as a respected writer on issues shaping the games and family entertainment center industry throughout the international market – Frank ‘the Crank’ Seninsky, takes on the new role, bringing a lifetime of experience and valuable contacts (with more than 40 years in the industry). The operation and circulation of this media service will be through KWP Limited, the owners of The Stinger Report (already the largest circulated Out-of-Home interactive entertainment e-newsletter), with the new TRR Seninsky having editorial control over its content.

When asked about what made him take on steering this new news service, Frank Seninsky stated;
“This is a momentous time for all those working in the redemption and novelty sectors.  These sectors have taken a back seat to others such as video and music.  The information on developments and legislation shaping redemption and novelty is fragmented, not positively focused and there are still too many myths floating out there that need to be dispelled. It was obvious that this predominant sector of the industry needed representation and I am happy to help shape that by compiling The Redemption Report.”

Kevin Williams, the founder of KWP, commented on the announcement of TRR;

“I am greatly excited by what The Redemption Report can achieve in a market that is a dominant force in the international amusement scene, but is so poorly represented. With the support of industry legend Frank Seninsky in a senior editorial role, the project we will be operating proposes to be an influential service. The launch of this e-newsletter, building on the success of The Stinger Report format, is one of the many ways we will be marking the 15th Anniversary of the amusement industry e-newsletter”.

TRR will launch with sponsorship and advertising from leading players in the market — a sign of the support and commitment from the international trade to this new undertaking. TRR is a news service that will also work to support trade exhibition and industry associations expanding their presence and membership and providing their attendees and membership with a greater awareness of the international industry and how to survive and thrive. Knowing Frank’s ‘tell it like it is’ history, you can bet that there will be some unique industry politics reporting so the subscribers know all sides of the issues.

Those interested in knowing more about how to subscribe, advertise or support the service, please send an email to:

– END –

Bio: KWP Limited
KWP Limited, is a leading consultancy in the Out-of-Home entertainment industry, specializing in the interactive entertainment field. Run by well known industry veteran Kevin Williams, the service focuses on market research, development, and product marketing. KWP has attracted an impressive list of clients – with regular features in leading trade publications; also owner of the leading free industry e-newsletter The Stinger Report. (  – +44(0) 7785 254 729

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3 Comments on “The Redemption Report – a news service for redemption”

  1. Kathy Archer Says:

    Dear Redemption Report Folks:

    I think your on-line (email) newsletter has been hacked by somebody (possibly French) or has a virus. I have gotten dozens of emails today that are from people asking to be removed from your email list. Others in the amusement industry are getting the same (Dennis Spiegel, IPTS, Bob’s Space Racers, etc.).

    There is a problem!


    Kathy Archer
    S&S Worldwide
    45-752-1987, ext.107

  2. Howard Says:

    We received lots of junk emails from too.
    See below,

    From: 5152020571 []
    Sent: Monday, April 12, 2010 7:39 PM
    Subject: Re: [redemption] Accusé de


    To unsubscribe, e-mail:
    For additional commands, e-mail:

    To unsubscribe, e-mail:
    For additional commands, e-mail:

  3. editor Says:

    All services have been attacked at our server!

    Sorry for the inconvenience. We are working on tracing the problem.

    Any more problems report directly to me.


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