More boat racing coming to arcades with Aquarace; also a video of Sega's Storm-G


It looks like H2Overdrive won’t be alone for long when it comes to frantic boat racing – Korean game maker Simuline has their own boat racing title ready to go called Aquarace, which from the video below looks to have great graphics coupled with a motion base. The game itself is a bit different than H2Overdrive as I didn’t notice any power-up collecting or massive jumps so it should be interesting to see if Simuline will position this game outside of the Asian arcade arena or not. Video by akihabaranews.

I also noticed that the akihabaranews captured a video recently of Sega’s simulator game called Storm-G. Unfortunately they did not show much of the game itself, focusing more on the cabinet’s motion but it’s still looks like a cool ride with some game elements attached to it.

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4 Comments on “More boat racing coming to arcades with Aquarace; also a video of Sega's Storm-G”

  1. Paul Says:

    You should buy one of those Storm-G machines, Shaggy. Two of them. Since they’re made by Sega, they can’t cost all that much.

  2. Evapa Says:

    Wow kinda reminds me of the R360. I would love to see this in person.

  3. Editor Says:

    I feel it difficult to take this ride seriously when there are systems such as:

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