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Taito To Bring FPS To Arcades Again

March 27, 2009


Back in 2006 Taito brought out an arcade version of the legendary game Half Life 2. This game was fairly unique as it retained the FPS sytle game play of Valve’s flagship title. This game never really seemed to make it out side of Japan unfortunately.

Will Taito’s latest attempt at an arcade FPS make it over to European and American shores? We will just have to wait and see. Cyber Diver, as it’s being currently called, is an original take on the FPS and supports 5 on 5 network play. Looking at the screen we can see guns and swords and it’s reminding me a lot of Unreal Championship 2 on the original Xbox, but with a more Japanese feel. No mention of a release date yet.

UPDATE: Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report sent us a couple of links on this game, first is the teaser site for Cyber Diver and the other is a PDF describing the game in Japanese. On top of that I took a look at the AM-Net entry of Cyber Diver and they make a note about the Half-Life 2 Survivor cabinet under this game, which hints at the probability that HL2 arcades can be converted into Cyber Divers.

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Design-A-Hole is back

March 27, 2009


The popular Design-A-Hole competition run by Incredible Technologies last year to coincide with thier 20th anniversary is back after popular demand. What was supposed to be a one off last year is returning and it’s your chance to be part of the game by designing a hole for the legendary Golden Tee! 

In 2008 this contest was a big hit with players and generated over 20,000 votes. Last year, Dave Hollingshead of St. Charles, Mo. created the winning design. Hollingshead design “The Falls” can be found on Black Hills #15 with its unmistakable waterfall.  Head over to the Design-A-Hole website to put in your entry.

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Mutliple Gaming Goodies!

March 27, 2009

Here a few bits of gaming gear that I spotted this week which we can all add to our list of “Definitely going to buy one of those, but never do”.

Click on the thumbs to enlarge!

A Space Invaders chopping board via Arcade Lounge.  Hopefully this little bugger will stay still while your chopping.



Get cosy with a Goomba in this Mario Bros quilt via Wonderland.



and this rather unique sewn Atari game box! Also via Wonderland.


look closer…




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