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Midwest Gaming Classic 2009 fast approaching!

March 9, 2009


Another great event which will have a prominent display of arcade gaming goodness is fast approaching, where this time it is the famous Midwest Gaming Classic. In addition to tons of classic gaming consoles and PCs (about 200 will be at the show) they also will have over 125 arcade and pinball machines set on free play for the public. There is more to it beyond all that which you can read about in the press release after the break but this is one event I’d love to visit one day where I love classic gaming, whether it’s on arcades or consoles.

Midwest Gaming Classic will take place on the 21st & 22nd of this month and it’s only $15 for admission on Sat. and $10 on Sunday. Kids under 12 get in free too, which is a really nice deal.

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IGS releases Speed Driver 2 and Speed Rider in Asian markets

March 9, 2009



Taiwanese arcade game maker IGS has some new games to show off and this time we’ve got another motorcycle racing game and a car racing game, named Speed Rider and Speed Driver 2, respectively. Speed Rider looks to carry plenty of inspiration from Super Bikes and Speed Driver f94seems like an Initial D clone, although I am not 100% sure how similar they might be. Either way you can check out the videos by clicking on the links below. I noticed that they sped up the frame rate of the video on Speed Driver 2 to make it look like it was going faster than it really does.  I did attempt to upload the videos directly to the site but unfortunately I was met with an IO error both times, which might be due to the connection I am currently using.

[Speed Rider video link]

[Speed Driver 2 video link]

Also on another IGS note, they are reporting once again that revenues are up thanks to their coin-op division, this time it’s up 66%. I don’t knwo how many quarters this makes in a row that they have been posting gains but it’s proof once again that there’s life to coin-op video games.

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