Virtual On heading for XBLA


If Sega’s Border Break news has wet the appetite for some mech action, then your in for another treat as Sega are bringing the classic  mech game; Virtual On to Xbox Live Arcade. Not any old VO, but the final release Oratorio Tangram which was the final release for the Naomi. The game is pencilled for an April release at 1200 points. Can’t wait, but one thing that does concern me is the more and more common 1200 point price tag for XBLA games. Are Microsoft gradually sneaking them up, me thinks? 

[via Kotaku via Famitsu]     [Discuss on the Forum]

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6 Comments on “Virtual On heading for XBLA”

  1. Nomax Says:

    Isn’t Virtual-On Force the final Virtual-On release?

  2. Molloy Says:

    The Virtual On games are a bit pointless without the proper controller. It doesn’t work well on analogue sticks. Virtual On Force sold really well in Japan as a result of not having the expensive controller however so I don’t expect it to come back with the peripheral even if that sort of thing is more in fashion nowadays with the music games.

  3. driph Says:

    The Xbox 360 has dual analog sticks, and trigger/bumpers. It should play perfectly fine with that control scheme.

    Not sure I’m down with 1200 points thing, though.

  4. Molloy Says:

    Perfectly fine is a bit of an exaggeration. The game controls were designed for digital joysticks. It’d be like playing Street Fighter 2 with analogue sticks.

  5. Fredrick2003 Says:

    I am sure it will play alright, but a game is never as great as it is with the controller it was developed for.

    Been years since I played this, I think I will try it out. Unless of course there is a universal agreement that it is trash.

  6. Molloy Says:

    Virtua On Force was designed with analogue sticks in mind, and it didn’t work out that well. OT is the fastest one in the series and with most twitch gameplay. If they were going to port one to XBLA they couldn’t have picked a worse version.

    /end cynicism

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