More people opting to play “arcade-style” games?


While the article we’re linking to on this one doesn’t really have much to do with real coin-op arcades – it treats them as though they don’t exist anymore while it discusses a new software game suite that has people buying virtual tokens like they were in an arcade, it does bring up the subject of the kinds of games people are trending towards playing. Now I don’t know if they have any solid evidence that people are starting to opt towards playing arcade-style games with their emphasis on skill and action but personally I can say that for the past few years I just haven’t got into 50 hr. gaming odysseys like I used to do. Some of that has to do with the fact that as a busy father and husband I really don’t have time to spend on games like I used to but there also is a factor that I’m just not finding as many games I’m interested in playing for this ‘generation’ as I used to. I have an Xbox 360 and a Wii but I haven’t bought many games for either system as I haven’t found a lot that interests me. I do a bit of PC gaming while at the arcade and in a few cases I find something to spend a bit of time on (like with Fallout 3) but overall I seem to play more ‘arcade-style’ games, even on the PC, when I do find time for gaming. What about yourselves?

[Article: More gamers opting to play games arcade-style] [Discuss on the Forums]

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4 Comments on “More people opting to play “arcade-style” games?”

  1. peluchon Says:

    Desde la adquisición de mi MSX2 en los 80, llevo optando por ese tipo de juegos 🙂

  2. SixtyHertz Says:

    I think there will always be room for the quick pick-up-and-play of an arcade game, and the best ones have skill-driven mechanics that extend the player’s interest in the game. The big problem comes in publishers supporting these concepts and having skilled developers execute on them.

    I do believe, even in the console industry, it will gravitate back to those just because the cost of developing 20 hour plus next gen content is astronomical, left 4 dead is a perfect example of a smaller scope but highly replayable game that resembles the arcade paradigm more than the console paradigm.

    Most of these console games, gameplaywise never develop past what’s presented in the 1st level anyway, putting more emphasis on the story to keep player’s interest than the new gameplay concepts itself… which i feel is a long term lose but i’m also very biased toward gameplay rather than story anyway.

  3. igo Says:

    Overall I am much more into short form games. I have been playing indie pc games lately because you can get them for free (most of the time) and it is easy to find ones with a good arcade feel. I play a lot of guitar hero/rockband (it is arcade style even tho many people do not know that it is).

  4. i play games when i am heart broken

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