AOU news: Border Break unveiled


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Sega has revealed that their new mech game Border Break will be powered by their new Ringedge hardware. They also have stated that the game will begin location testing next week in Japan and it has a release date set for September 2009. The website for that game has been updated since my last AOU post and Game Watch has some screenshots available of the game and it’s cabinet, which also includes a touch screen element to it and a new mouse controller for arcades. It looks pretty cool and I’m happy to see some more mech action coming to arcades as I think that arcades can create a much cooler mech experience with the right cabinet. Whether Sega will reveal a cockpit cabinet for this title remains to be seen but the current configuration with a joystick and mouse is much like what we saw with Outriggers. Will we see it in the States? I have no idea but we can certainly hope so. I didn’t expect to see Brick People brought over here either so you never know.

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UPDATE: Thanks to Editor for the video link and ECM has provided a few more links in the comments to more video action. It certainly looks like Sega’s answer to Namco’s Gundam arcade games.

[Border Break website] [Images via GameWatch] [Discuss on the Forum]

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2 Comments on “AOU news: Border Break unveiled”

  1. ECM Says:

    Some videos here:

    So, yeah, definitely more Gundam than Virtual On 😦

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