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More AOU news: Castlevania Arcade released, Border Break details, new hardware from SIE

February 19, 2009

There’s more to talk about from AOU 2009 and I find it exciting to see.


Castlevania: The Arcade is now available in Japan. I have checked with Konami to see when we might expect to see this released internationally and while I have not received a response yet, it should be soon. Along with the release of the latest Castlevania title, Konami has provided a new video of the game in action, which I have attempted to embed below but after several failed attempts due to an IO error, I’ve just given up. You can see the video here at the Castlevania Arcade Japanese site.
Also you can see it in action from Matt’s footage of the game when it was on location test in the UK last year.


More details have come out on Sega’s Border Break arcade game although so far I have not been able to find any screenshots of the game. The game will use an IC card system (although it’s not required for the player to get an IC card) and mechs will be customizable. You also will be able to gain points to customize the pilot of the mech, from changing their clothers to their hair color.   A left grip allows you to move and the right grip is for “attacking” thus presumably aiming. More stuff at Aries.

AQ Interactive:

They have announced some new hardware for arcades called “System Board Y2”. It looks like it’s not terribly powerful hardware where it has a 32-bit CPU that runs at 266 MHz, runs at a resolution of 800×600 with 30 fps and can produce 100 million polygons/sec according to the specs. It will probably be a low cost solution similar to Examu’s newest board. It sie01will be produced by SIE Corp but is being shown at the AQ Interactive booth – so far no screenshots have been shown that I can find of what it can do.

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