A tour of the Game On show in Brisbane Australia


This past weekend marked the end of the Game On show in Brisbane Australia. If you have not heard of Game On, it is a “travelling, playable, history of videogames launched in 2002, at London’s Barbican gallery.”  And since arcades have always played a vital role in the history of videogames, there is naturally a part of the show dedicated entirely to some of our favorite machines. They even have a Computer Space on display although I don’t think that it was playable unlike a lot of the other titles which were running on the original hardware. So they are able show off more arcade titles then they can bring along, they setup a MAME cabinet that is hooked up to a projector so people could experience a number of classics from 1978-1982.

Just One More Game Blog has the full tour, check it out here.

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3 Comments on “A tour of the Game On show in Brisbane Australia”

  1. justonemoregame Says:

    Hi guys, glad you enjoyed my 3 part tour. 🙂

    Just 2 small updates:

    1. The photos are actually from Melbourne – although most of the content will be the same for wherever Game On tours.

    2. The Computer Space machine was not playable, but you *could* play it on a Vetrex setup right next to the cab.

    Hope all AH readers get to experience this exhibition at some point – it really has some amazing content.

  2. Molloy Says:

    I went to see the show back in 2002. Sadly I got there late in the day and I only had an hour. I could have easily wasted several.

  3. editor Says:

    Just some background – the original concept was developed in the 90’s in the UK as a Barblican exhibit “Game ON”. The concept then went on tour of Scotland and then the USA. I managed to be involve (in a very small way) in the first UK visit, and saw it again when it was in Chicago and then returned to the UK Science Museum. It is hoped that the new ‘The National Videogame Archive’ in the UK will move the concept forward.

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