Pinball and the Sea-side arcade are alive and well in Bournemouth


For those of you who are into your pinball, you are probably more than aware of a great site called Pinball News. One of thier writers was fortunate enough to be able to go and check out the Bournemouth Pier arcade whilst away on work. Not only did this location have 3 pinball tables it was also very well maintained with technicians working on machines and keeping the place in good working order. I have to say this is nice to hear as so many arcades you visit always has a few machines out of action. There’s nothing more annoying than seeing a game you haven’t played for years, only to get closer to the game and realise it doesn’t work. Check out the full location review over at Pinball News.

Also recently added to the site is one of thier excellent in depth looks at the new CSI table from Stern.

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One Comment on “Pinball and the Sea-side arcade are alive and well in Bournemouth”

  1. The Pinball News machine reviews are unrivaled. Very, very comprehensive. It’s a great site and Martin (the editor) always welcomes articles (like the one above) from readers. He’s also organising the European Pinball Championship at the UK Pinball Show this year. He’ll be at ATEI as well, probably within about 3 foot of a pinball machine at all times!

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