Adventureland premiering at the Sundance Film Festival



The one of the several things I can enjoy about the Sundance Film Festival currently going on in Park City Utah is that it’s close by to me. Unfortunately, I missed the last arcade related film shown at the festival (which I think was the King of Kong) but if I am lucky, I will get a chance to go up and see Adventureland, a coming of age film where a recent college grad gets a low paying job at an amusement park. It’s based upon the real-life experiences of the writer/director of the movie, Greg Mattola (director of Superbad) and it premieres in a few days. I have a friend up at the festival right now and he’s going to find out when it premieres so perhaps I’ll be able to post a review of the film on here in a few days.

To find out more, along with a preview clip showing some sweet 80’s games, hit the link below.

[Adventureland – Slashfilm] [Discuss on the Forum]

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2 Comments on “Adventureland premiering at the Sundance Film Festival”

  1. igo Says:

    This was filmed in Pittsburgh. I will have to check it out once it has a larger release.

  2. The movie, at least what is presented in the previews, seems to be scattershot; hit and miss, both in it’s humor and characters. Some of the clothes and hairstyles simply don’t reflect the time period the movie is set in.

    Glad to see someone making a movie about the bygone era of local amusement parks.

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