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Another radio interview for Will Brierly, maker of Get Outta My Face!

January 15, 2009

Will Brierly, author of the new independent arcade title Get Outta My Face is still making the rounds in getting the word out about the game, via online radio shows. Unfortunately I arcade_cab_001didn’t find out about the show he was on until it was too late but according to the website of the show he was on (The ESCape Show) they have replays of previous episodes everyday at 6AM and 11PM EST every day and the episode should be in their archives section before too long. Even though I missed the show, I think that it’s great to see Will making an effort to spread the word of his game online, from his website, to youtube, to game talk-shows to us here. There is still no word on how much longer we’ll need to wait to see the game for sale to arcades everywhere but we’ll be sure to let you know when it happens.

In case you missed the info on Get Outta My Face, click here for our previous coverage on the game.

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Addendum to the ATEI non-trade media policy

January 15, 2009


We’ve been asked to pass this along as a follow-up to a previous post:

“Following some unusual comments regarding attendance to this month’s Amusement Trade Exhibition International (ATEI) in London, we would like to draw the attention of the moderator and members that there will be procedures put in place to deal with non-trade attendance.

We need to make it clear that as this is a Trade exhibition, non-trade attendance is prohibited, with no exceptions.  If you have registered online and you do not have a legitimate reason to attend, you may not be granted access to the show. This has always been the policy of the show and is being strictly enforced this year.

ATEI is keen to support reputable online media and audience portals with their coverage of the event, so all non-trade media should contact the official ATEI representative for this non-trade, KWP Limited, to arrange valid entry into the event.”

Hopefully all will be resolved for those attending before the show begins.

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A good Pat Lawlor (pinball designer) Interview

January 15, 2009


Pat Lawlor has been interviewed by Gamasutra and it’s a pretty good interview where he discusses the modern pinball market along with some talk on his old pins like The Addams pat_lawlorFamily, Funhouse, Family Guy, CSI, Pinball 2000 and more. What I really like about the interview however are his straight-forward and perhaps sharp answers about the current pinball and arcade market. When he says that what we are doing with pinball today is the same as in 1992 and that unless there is a course change, pinball will surely die.He doesn’t have a bright outlook for the coin-op market as a whole but he does make some good points about how mass marketing (which is still fairly non-existent in the coin-op industry except for what you get online) is useful and the advantage of small groups designing a game over a large one. I can’t say that he has great words for working with Stern and how games are picked, but you’ll have to read the article and judge for yourself.

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