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Golden Tee joins the US Navy

January 13, 2009

Here is some interesting and good news out of Incredible Technologies. They have supplied a Golden Tee 2009 game to the USS John C. Stennis, a Nimitz-class nuclear powered US itlogoNavy supercarrier. I’ve know some people who have served in the Navy as well as friends and relatives who have served in a variety of positions throughout the armed forces and I know that recreation can be important to help morale (especially when sailors are at sea, it can get dull at times, at least from what I have been told). In addition to supplying the game to the carrier, IT has also sent a team to the carrier for a week and a blog has been created to get some ‘insider tales’ on Golden Tee. This has all come about due to the work of Golden Tee Lt. Mike Hall who serves on the carrier working with IT.

You can read the Golden Tee Insider’s Blog here

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ATEI 09 News – Registration changes for Consumer Media

January 13, 2009


Listen up those of you who are planning on attending ATEI in a couple of weeks.  With high interest in the event, the organizers have put a trade-only policy into effect. They also have put in special rules about photographing and video-taping at the show, the details can be found in the post break below. ATEI organizers have appointed KWP Limited as the contact for non-trade sources to register for the show so if you plan on going and are not part of the amusement industry, get a hold of them ASAP (contact info placed after the jump).