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US Army Experience Center brings interactive entertainment to recruiting

January 6, 2009



The US Army has developed a new center in PA called the Army Experience Center which uses interactive entertainment to provide to visitors a “unique insight into the life of a soldier”, thus modernizing their recruiting techniques. Between the large interactive simulators where you can have four player teams go on a Humvee, Apache or Blackhawk mission and a large section of linked PCs and Xboxes, it’s an impressive setup for what they are trying to accomplish.

The last time we posted something related to a game with the US Army (America’s Army by GlobalVR), many people were not happy and I’m sure we’ll see the same thing with this. Apparently the Army will be bringing these centers (which I think are a stretch to call them “arcades”)  to different locations across the country in the near future. The only thing I’ll say about it is that no one will be forced visit these centers and if you do, you know what you’ll be getting into.  I do find the simulators to be fascinating in the way they are setup and the LAN centers are certainly cool. Otherwise I can’t say that I’m afraid of them siphoning my business away if there was one opened locally. 

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