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Article: Game Magazine Schizophrenia Over Arcades

January 2, 2009


We’ve occasionally documented times and places when game magazines showcase arcade titles as it is a fairly rare occurance but with recent developments in the arcade sector, some publications have suddenly taken some notice to what is going on with the arcade sector. The problem is how selective they are being about it and Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report makes the point by taking a look at two UK gaming magazines and their recent arcade coverage.

Before I put up the article I’d just like to take the opportunity to ‘blow my own horn’ as they say and point out that HardCore Gamer Magazine has been the most friendly magazine I have seen in ages when it comes to arcades as they let me publish a review per issue, which is far more arcade coverage than the occasional obligatory look at something super-popular like Street Fighter IV as they have been doing that for more than two years now.

For Kevin’s full article, hit the jump below and feel free to discuss it on our forums.