More test locations for DJ Max Technika in CA.


This is a couple of days old already but if you live in California and missed a chance to check out the new arcade title DJ Max Technika then you will have a few more opportunities to djmaxaicatch it before it reaches it’s street release date. There are three locations where the game can be found on test – one at GolfLand USA in Sunnyvale (old home of Atari), one at Arcade Infinity (Rowland Heights) and one at Howie’s Game Shack (Mission Viejo). On top of that Michael Yum of PM Studios has confirmed for BemaniStyle that the game will soon be testing in New York although details on the location have not been divulged as of yet.

I am curious as to how many locations DJ Max Technika will end up testing in once all is said and done but it certainly will have made more rounds than many other arcade titles that we know about in recent memory.

[Via Aaron Auzins of BemaniStyle] [Discuss on the Forum]

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One Comment on “More test locations for DJ Max Technika in CA.”

  1. Dave K. Says:

    On sweet, I’m near Sunnyvale Golfland, I’ll have to check it out tomorrow!

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