More Konami love at the Trocadero – GTi Club location testing in the UK




We’ve been waiting for some more news on Konami’s GTi Club and it’s finally here with a location test of the game at the Trocadero in London. The Stinger Report sent us some ‘spy’ shots of the game in action and from these you can tell that it’s certainly running in HD and the cabinet itself is very attractive. I am still curious to know what hardware this is using but that information has not yet been revealed. Seeing how this is showing up at the Trocadero now however, I am guessing that this is one of the many new games we’ll have the pleasure of seeing at ATEI in just a few short weeks. Check out the thumbnails below and stay tuned for more!

gticlub2 gticlub3

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8 Comments on “More Konami love at the Trocadero – GTi Club location testing in the UK”

  1. editor Says:

    Looked very crisp!

  2. Shaggy Says:

    How did it play? It seems like it has the potential to be quite fun

  3. Bowlplex Says:

    I’d love to know how Konami Europe are going to satisfy service requirements for this machine?

    I’ve been waiting in excess of 6 months for two Supernova board repairs, there’s no way I will make another machine purchase from Konami no matter how strong the title.

  4. Omegalon Says:

    It’s strange Konami decided to review this. I played the PS3 version, and it seemed to be a straight remake with only the graphics improved. I have to admit though, I wouldn’t mind some Sega arcade racers getting the same treatment.

  5. Omegalon Says:

    I meant to say “release”, not “review” in my previous comment.

    I’d like to add that the hardware must be PlayStation 3-based System 357, as the game is available as a downloadable game on the PS3 only.

  6. editor Says:

    Not the same game Omegalon – different play and levels. Home version is just the previous arcade game.

  7. RJAY63 Says:

    I played this in Trocadero yesterday. Good fun, especially the bonus games..even better if they had 3/4 cabs linked up. Surprised there’s no Internet Ranking for Time Attack……..

  8. editor Says:

    The game is a paired-down version of the e-AMUSEMENT original. With no IC Card or ranking the game dose seem to be ‘light’! The Konami boys are quietly happy with the game.

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