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Sega Japan releases new promo materials for House of the Dead EX

December 16, 2008


When IAAPA came and went, I was a little surprised to see that Sega didn’t bring House of the Dead EX along as part of it’s showcase. HOTD still holds a good fan following from what I have seen and even though this is much different from any other HOTD game yet, I would think that it would be a good thing to show off. Perhaps we’ll see it at ATEI or ASI next year, if they plan on releasing it overseas. But in the meantime they have released some new promo materials for the game in Japan, which happens to be the first thing I’ve seen about the game in a while. It’s not clear if or what they have changed much of the game itself since JAMMA as it still looks like a collection of mini-party-games with a decidedly more feminine theme but in these promo materials it shows some parts of the game that I hadn’t seen before.

To see the full PDF, click on the link below (link via

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UBeat testing at the Trocadero, London

December 16, 2008


If you’re going to be dropping by the Trocadero in London anytime soon then here’s something to keep an eye out for – Konami’s UBeat. The Stinger Report sent us some pictures of ubeat2the two units they have there but for how long they will be in place is anyone’s guess. The game should be showing up at ATEI however so if you miss it here then there is always another chance to see it at the show (along with DDR:X and CastleVania).

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